From The Ventura County Historical Society Quarterly, Fall 1988

Episode 1 ...

Following is an excerpt from 'Lake Sherwood, Its Location -- Its History - Its Owners' by Barbara K. Raker.  Additional excerpts will be posted from time to time in this section of the LSCA website.

From its inception, Lake Matthiessen, as it was then called, had the potential for controversy.  Prior to the building of the dam in 1904-05, the lake bottom had been a mountain meadow, beautiful in its natural state.  There were giant oak trees throughout the floor of the valley, and the surrounding mountain ranges created a watershed that fed springs and streams, often running the year 'round.  The spectacular granite outcropping gave dramatic contrast to such a pastoral scene.

For centuries, the land had been Chumash.  There was an abundance of food:  nuts, berries, roots, grasses, and seed were there for the taking.  Small game, as well as mountain lion, coyote and deer, furnished meat and hides.  It was a indeed a land of plenty, and it was Chumash territory.


.... to be continued.