Lake Sherwood Community Association

Working together to preserve the beauty and integrity of Lake Sherwood


The Lake Sherwood area abounds in natural beauty

 and recreational opportunities to nourish the human spirit

 and cultivate healthy families. 


 The history of the area’s inhabitants begins with

 the first Chumash village centuries ago,

continues through the era of the Spanish land grants,

then moves on to the period of the early ranchers

 and the first developers of the 1900's.

The Hollywood lore that is sprinkled throughout Sherwood’s past

 adds even more romance and drama to this enchanting place. 

Now, our 21st century residents are making history here.


Lake Sherwood offers a way of life rich in tradition, serenity,

 and natural harmony, to be shared, enjoyed, and protected …

 thus, the mission of the Lake Sherwood Community Association.

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